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Renovating Your Bathroom? 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Giancarlo Randazzo

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with designations in Applied and Practical Ethics with an emphasis on business transactions, Giancarlo�...

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with designations in Applied and Practical Ethics with an emphasis on business transactions, Giancarlo�...

Dec 12 6 minutes read

Bathrooms, though small, play a significant role in our daily lives. Whether you're getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening, a functional and comfortable bathroom is essential. However, the journey of renovating a bathroom is not without its pitfalls. Here are 10 common mistakes to steer clear of to ensure your bathroom renovation is a success.

1. Not Establishing a Budget

Renovating a bathroom can be surprisingly costly. Avoid the shock by setting a budget from the start. Allocate funds to essential elements, and if hiring a professional, ensure they specialize in bathroom renovations to handle unforeseen challenges efficiently.

2. Poor Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation can lead to mold issues. Ensure your bathroom has proper airflow, ideally with a window and an exhaust or ceiling fan. Consider using mold-resistant paint and regularly clean the fan to maintain a hygienic environment.

3. Insufficient Storage

A cluttered bathroom is far from ideal. Plan for ample storage, incorporating cabinets, shelves, and hanging hardware strategically. Get creative with storage solutions like wooden crates under the sink for both space-saving and stylish options.

4. Poor Lighting

Good lighting is essential for daily tasks and safety. Invest in well-designed and well-placed lighting around the sink and mirror. Incorporate both general and task lighting for optimal visibility. Don't overlook the style—consider ceiling lights, spots, or wall brackets depending on your preferences.

5. Porous Materials

Bathrooms are wet environments, so choose materials that are impervious to moisture. Opt for bathroom-specific tiles, paint, and finishes to prevent issues like peeling and mold buildup. Consider water-resistant materials like melamine for practicality and longevity.

6. TheLayout

Functionality should precede aesthetics. Carefully plan the layout, keeping in mind the placement of components for comfort and efficiency. Avoid awkward arrangements, and prioritize safety, accessibility, and comfort.

7. Trying to be Trendy

While it's tempting to embrace the latest trends, they might not stand the test of time. Opt for classic colors and elegant hardware that won't go out of style. Matching finishes throughout the bathroom create a cohesive look.

8. Neglecting Electrical Planning

Poor electrical planning can lead to immediate and long-term issues. Adhere to specific electrical code requirements for bathrooms, and consult with a professional electrical contractor to ensure compliance.

9. Wasteful Accessories

Embrace environmentally conscious choices, such as low-flow showerheads and high-efficiency toilets. Consider a gray water system for water reuse, contributing to both environmental preservation and increased home resale value.

10. DIYing Everything

Unless you're confident in your abilities, seek professional help. Bathroom renovations involve intricate details, and mistakes can lead to long-term problems. Invest in a skilled contractor to ensure a successful renovation.

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